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Preparation is the key


Preparation is the key

Removing complexity to make growth and development happen.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) are predicting another severe bushfire season throughout our West Australian summer.

For properties and developments within bushfire prone areas it is imperative to monitor bushfire activity in your area and remain vigilant in keeping abreast of current threats and updates through the DFES and Emergency WAwebsites. Maintaining your property through cutting/slashing the grass, clearing the gutters and having a bushfire survival plan and kit in place may seem simple, but are essential.

In the coming weeks, Department of Planning, Land and Heritage (DPLH) and DFES will be releasing for public comment four draft Bushfire Management Plan (BMP) templates and revised model subdivision conditions that relate specifically to bushfire to assist in the standardisation and consistency across BMP documentation, streamline preparation and assessment of BMPs and facilitate improved implementation of on-ground management works.

Strategen was a key contributor in developing the BMP report templates for consideration by DPLH, so is well placed to assist clients and deliver project outcomes to the new agency standards.

In addition, Australian Standard AS3959-2009 Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas is in the process of being reviewed and updated. Key changes will include the provision of a ‘Rangelands’ vegetation class (primarily aimed at arid and semi-arid regions) as well as additional clarification regarding low threat vegetation exclusions. Strategen will monitor the progress of these updates and advise of any new developments as soon as they become available.

The Strategen bushfire team are aware of the impacts to projects where vegetation management work is not being completed prior to the issuing of titles. This happens regularly and is often a result of non-adherence to commitments documented in the approved BMP over the site. To ensure Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) compliance of your project, clients and landowners should continually review and comply with all BMP commitments and/or seek clarification and advice from a relevant bushfire practitioner. Clients should now be aware of the BAL compliance process, which is normally undertaken post sub-divisional works and prior to lot title. This is an effective way of ensuring BMP compliance and achieving the desired end-user BAL ratings.

At Strategen we understand the challenges of bushfire management for developers, planners, local governments and landowners. Our expert advice and superior service ensures we create tailored, innovative solutions to solve your bushfire challenges.

Don’t hesitate to contact any member of our bushfire planning and management team for guidance and assistance.