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Discovery Rottnest Island Eco Retreat


Discovery Rottnest Island Eco Retreat

Removing complexity to make growth and development happen.

The anticipation is building for the opening of Rottnest’s first new accommodation offer in 30 years, Discovery Rottnest Island, set to open to the public on Friday, 1 March 2019.

Prior to approval of this development, Strategen were appointed by Pinky’s Beach Pty Ltd to support the development application for the (then) proposed tourist accommodation development at Pinky’s Beach on Rottnest Island.

One of key objectives of the Eco Retreat based at Pinky’s Beach is to provide guests with a ‘wilderness experience’ that showcases the iconic Pinky’s Beach location, while minimising environmental impact on this fragile ecosystem.  The Pinky’s Beach foredune ecosystem, along the north-western part of the development, represents one of the vital environmental assets to be showcased and preserved, with rehabilitation works that proposed to assist stabilise the dune system.

Given the development was primarily tourist accommodation, careful consideration was required for the assessment.

To remedy this and manage the potential fire risk, Strategen’s Fire Management Planning team successfully prepared a Bushfire Management Plan and a Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan.

The Bushfire Management Plan provided guidance on how to plan for and manage the bushfire risk to future life and property assets of the project area through incorporation of a range of bushfire management measures, into development application and future planning/building stages.  The plan outlined how future on-site assets can be protected during the summer months when the threat from bushfire is at its peak, and demonstrated compliance as required under the State Planning Policy 3.7 Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas.

The Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan addressed all identified requirements covering the emergency procedures and actions to be undertaken in a bushfire emergency, including assignment of the roles and responsibilities.

We’re pretty sure the Fire Management Planning team would be happy to return to the iconic West Australian island anytime soon to enjoy the 83 eco tent resort and facilities!

Further information on the eco retreat, facilities and bookings can be found here.

Photo credit – Discovery Rottnest Island