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Land Development Projects


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Land Development – our project experience

Eglington – Urban Quarter

EPBC Act approval

Strategen undertook the referral, assessment and achieved approval of the first EPBC Act approval of a project impacting the Banksia Woodland Threatened Ecological Community.  Strategen has also provided all environmental services to support Structure Planning and subdivision approval.

The project proposed to impact Black Cockatoo Species habitat and Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain Threatened Ecological Community.

Strategen designed, led and delivered all aspects of the proposal including:

  • technical assessment of environmental values of project site
  • development of EPBC Act assessment and approval strategy, including engagement with all relevant stakeholders, specifically, Department of Environment and Energy (DEE), Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and City of Wanneroo
  • referral of project under EPBC Act
  • development of Preliminary Documentation (assessment). Being the first assessment for the Banksia Woodland TEC, significant learning was done with the Department of Environment and Energy on how to interpret the Conservation Advice and on key issues such as how to consider Like for Like offsets
  • coordination of public advertising and response to submissions
  • identification of suitable potential offsets available through DBCA.
  • technical assessment of offset sites
  • demonstration of suitability of offset sites and attainment of agreement of offset quantum via the offset calculator
  • achievement of agreement on conditions and staging of post approval requirements commensurate with development stages.

There were a number of key challenges associated with the project including:

  • a high level of community interest in the clearing of Black Cockatoo habitat
  • first assessment of Banksia Woodland Threatened Ecological Community. Complexity of assessment of proposal by the Department of Environment and Energy was complicated by evolution of Departmental policy position as it interpreted the Conservation Advice for the Banksia Woodland
  • offset identification, assessment and negotiation was required to anticipate and respond to evolving Departmental policy.

Apsely, Stage 1 – Qube

Environmental approvals and management

Apsley is Stage 1 of Qube’s Mangogalup residential Estate which is part of a new master-planned estate that offers the right balance of living close to schools, shops and transport and allows the chance to explore a healthy lifestyle surrounded by nature.

From the projects inception, Strategen has assisted in the projects progression by navigating EPBC approvals and state approvals (Scheme amendments and Bushfire Hazard Assessments) and management plans associated with WAPC Subdivision approval, which included:

  • environmental assessment report
  • mosquito and midge management strategy
  • fauna management plan
  • landscape feature and tree retention management plan.

Working closely with a specialised project team this new and exciting development is set to commence soon.

Forrestfield North District – Element

To accompany the submission of a strategic level Local Structure Plan for the Forrestfield North District, Strategen were appointed by Element to design, lead and deliver all environmental aspects of this project which included:

  • technical assessment of environmental values of project site. Some of the early ecological assessments were undertaken by other consultants with scopes designed by Strategen.  Strategen designed and implemented all aspects of the hydrological investigations and management strategies.
  • development approval strategy, including engagement with all relevant stakeholders, specifically, Department of Environment and Energy (DEE), Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Office of the EPA.
  • development of MRS amendment documentation (Environmental Assessment Report) demonstrating an approach whereby the key environmental values would be considered, with an opportunity for significant levels of protection through the Local Structure Plan stage.

The objective of advice only from the EPA was achieved.

The Local Structure Plan process actively engaged stakeholders including community groups, Aboriginal stakeholders and Agencies to ensure that the LSP outcome achieved an appropriate balance between development, social and environmental objectives.

Key challenges for this project include:

Project of significance for the local government and, as part of the Metronet program, a project of significance for the State government. Coupled with being a project with environmental values of high profile for the local community, the project was of high interest to a wide range of influential stakeholders.  This was managed through the establishment of a stakeholder engagement process that included early consultation with key stakeholders and the establishment of a Technical Advisory Group by the Department of Planning Lands and Heritage.

It was important that the technical information was attained early in the project cycle and a high degree of confidence was able to be placed in the technical information available.  The technical assessments were designed and vetted by Strategen accordingly and communicated to Agencies so as to provide confidence in the information.

Timeframe for approval and development. Assessment under the Environmental Protection Act was seen as a key risk to the project given the additional time pressure this would place on the project.  It was determined early in the project that assessment by the EPA was not desirable and represented a key project risk.  Similarly the potential assessment of the project under the EPBC Act loomed as a strategic and logistical issue that needed to be managed.

In response to this, the Office of the EPA were engaged early in the project and with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions an acceptable level of ecological retention was identified and progressed through senior OEPA officers to give confidence that the proposed impact was acceptable and did not require assessment.

With regard to the potential for EPBC Act assessment, the potential for a strategic assessment was considered and discussed with the Commonwealth as was the role of the Perth and Peel Strategic Assessment.  Ultimately an approach was determined whereby an assessment would be delayed to development given that the proposed retention limited the land area potentially requiring assessment.

Black Cockatoo Surveys for land development and local government

Various projects on the Swan Coastal Plain and generally in South West of WA require clearing of native vegetation which may result in the removal of vegetation potentially containing habitat for the three species of Black Cockatoo.

For clients such as Satterley, Stockland, Main Roads and Water Corporation, Strategen has undertaken:

  • Black Cockatoo habitat assessments
  • Black cockatoo offset site surveys and advice
  • Black Cockatoo hollow inspection
  • Black Cockatoo Management Plans
  • pre-clearing site inspections
  • on-site fauna handlers
  • EPBC referral advice.

All three species of Black Cockatoos are listed as Threatened under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Wildlife Conservation Act.

  • Forest Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo (listed as vulnerable)
  • Baudin’s Black Cockatoo (listed as endangered)
  • Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo (listed as endangered)

Given this, assessment of the habitat values is often required to support potential future assessment and approval requirements and to inform development design.

The Strategen team have undertaken numerous Black Cockatoo surveys throughout the South West from Cataby to Ravensthorpe and beyond.

For further project examples or to discuss your land development requirements please contact us.