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Contaminated Sites and Acid Sulfate Soils


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Contaminated Sites and Acid Sulfate Soils

Strategen’s skilled Contaminated Sites and Acid Sulfate Soils Management team has worked on some of our state’s most high-profile and challenging projects.

We understand that development and management of land and property portfolios are subject to numerous regulatory constraints that can add considerable financial and resourcing burdens.

Critical timelines for purchase, lease, sale and planning can be significantly affected if environmental aspects are not managed correctly from project commencement.

Our contaminated sites professionals have the integrated local knowledge, experience and strong networks within industry and government to meet the environmental challenges presented with contaminated sites and acid sulfate soils.

Strategen’s dedicated Contaminated Sites team provides premium problem solving and tailored fit-for-purpose solutions for clients.

Our experience in the assessment, management and remediation of contaminated sites and acid sulfate soils extends across all development projects for a range of private and government clients across the following sectors:

  • residential
  • industrial
  • commercial
  • agricultural
  • mining
  • oil and gas
  • transport
  • infrastructure.

Contaminated Sites

The legacy of a site’s historical land use often involves the contamination of soil and water, whether intentional or not.

In Western Australia contamination issues are regulated by the Contaminated Sites Act (2003) and associated regulations, which advocates a strategic and iterative approach.

Strategen’s experienced team are fully familiar with site contamination issues, including a comprehensive understanding of the two key documents covering site contamination issues:

  • the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure 2013 (NEPM) and;
  • Department of Environmental Regulation 2014 Assessment and Management of Contaminated Sites Guidelines.

The experience of the Strategen Contaminated Sites team extends to the management of:

  • heavy metals
  • petroleum hydrocarbons
  • other hydrocarbons such as poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • PFAS group of compounds
  • pesticides and poly-chlorinated biphenyls
  • asbestos in soils.

Strategen’s specific expertise includes:

  • environmental due diligence audits for acquisition, sale and lease of property
  • undertaking preliminary site investigations (PSI) and preparing sampling analysis quality plans (SAQP)
  • implementing detailed site investigations (DSI), including soil, sediment, groundwater and/or surface water sampling and analysis
  • negotiating approvals pathways with contaminated sites auditors and the Contaminated Site Branch of the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER)
  • resolution of complex contaminated site issues, with a mix of contaminants and contaminated media
  • assessment of the human health and environmental risks associated with measured contaminant concentrations, including contaminant transport and fate modelling
  • determination of remediation requirements and the management of remedial works
  • strategic advice for site reclassification, planning and subdivision
  • asbestos and hazardous materials assessment and management
  • construction and environmental management plans
  • landfill gas assessment and mitigation.


Acid Sulfate Soils

Acid sulfate soils (ASS), if not properly managed can result in significant environmental damage.

Strategen has considerable experience in undertaking ASS assessments, preparing investigation reports and management plans and implementing and validating management plans.

Strategen has a strong reputation in gaining approvals for ASS investigation and management programs in accordance with the two DWER 2015 guidance documents:

  • Department of Environment Regulation (DER) 2015a, Identification and investigation of acid sulfate soils and acidic landscapes and;
  • Department of Environment Regulation (DER) 2015b, Treatment and management of soil and water in acid sulfate soil landscapes.

Strategen offer the following acid sulfate soil services:

  • self assessment forms
  • site investigation and reporting
  • acid sulfate soil management plans
  • dewatering management plans
  • monitoring programs
  • close out monitoring programs and reporting
  • groundwater modelling to predict groundwater drawdown impacts on ASS.


Due diligence

A comprehensive understanding of known or potential environmental liabilities is an essential component of any property transaction due diligence assessment.  Strategen has significant experience undertaking site contamination focused environmental due diligence assessments for residential, commercial and industrial property.

We can tailor the scope of due diligence assessments to align with client objectives (vendor or prospective buyer), budgets and due diligence timeframe constraints.

Implementation of a robust environmental due diligence assessment enables our clients to enter into transaction negotiations well informed, and with a greater comfort that all potential liabilities and legal obligations have been identified, quantified and documented.


Asbestos and Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)

Strategen can provide all services associated with identification, management, removal, remediation and disposal of asbestos and other hazardous materials.

Strategen senior staff are qualified and experienced in smaller HAZMAT survey projects, through to the design and direction of extensive asbestos removal projects in challenging commercial settings.

Further, Strategen can manage complex asbestos in soil remediation projects including all facets of bulk earth works, sampling, para-occupational and control air monitoring, liaison with site contractors and preparation of site remediation and validation reports.

Strategen can assist clients with the assessment of hazardous materials within buildings and structures as follows:

  • lead paint
  • other hazardous materials (glass wool, synthetic fibres etc)
  • supervise asbestos removals using accredited contractors
  • air quality monitoring
  • clearance certificates

Asbestos and asbestos containing materials with reference to:

  • The Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of Asbestos 2nd Edition [NOHSC: 2002(2005]
  • Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2018(2005)]
  • Guidance Note on the Membrane Filter Method for Estimating Airborne Asbestos Fibres 2nd Edition [NOHSC:3003 (2005)]
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984
  • Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 – Part 5 (Hazardous Substances); Division 4 (Further requirements in relation to certain hazardous substances); Sub-Division 1 (Asbestos).
  • Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992.

Strategen can also assist with the preparation of Asbestos Management Plans (AMP) with reference to:

  • Guidelines for managing asbestos at construction and demolition waste recycling facilities
  • DER Contaminated Site Management Guidelines
  • Guidelines for the Assessment, Remediation and Management of Asbestos-Contaminated Sites in Western Australia – May 2009 Department of Health.



Strategen can undertake projects dealing with the environmental aspects of waste management, including:

  • landfill management plans
  • strategic waste management plans
  • recycling management plans
  • asbestos management plans
  • monitoring programs
  • waste characterisation of soils for disposal/reuse
  • annual and other reporting requirements.


Land Development

The presence of asbestos in soils and the assessment and management of areas where acid sulfate soils are likely to be disturbed and/or groundwater tables lowered, are significant issues for developers.

For land and property development projects, Strategen can undertake assessment and management of potential contamination associated with former land uses such as market gardens, orchards, animal-based industries, derelict industrial and commercial buildings, former landfills and uncontrolled fill.

Strategen can undertake, in parallel, appropriate investigations in accordance with regulatory requirements for contamination and acid sulfate soils.



Strategen has a well-developed understanding of mine closure requirements and can develop pragmatic site-specific solutions to mine contamination issues.  Our experience includes:

  • regulator liaison
  • baseline studies
  • mine closure requirements
  • spill management
  • tailings management
  • protecting ecologically sensitive areas from the impact of contamination and acid mine drainage.


Oil and gas

Oil and gas exploration, processing, storage and distribution can result in the inadvertent contamination of superficial soils and groundwater. It is not uncommon for groundwater contamination, including free floating hydrocarbons, to be associated with old or former service stations.

Strategen can apply a cost-effective, risk-based approach to determine the appropriate level of contamination management that is protective of environmental amenities and human health.

Do you have a contaminated sites issue that requires assistance? We can help! Contact our team today.