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Fire Management Planning


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Fire Management Planning

The Strategen Fire Management Planning team is a respected name in bushfire management endorsed by industry bodies and government agencies alike. With a wide breadth of practical and regulatory experience, Strategen deliver intelligent, cost-effective, tailored bushfire solutions in a professional, timely and efficient manner.

The Strategen Fire Management Planning team works closely with land owners, developers, builders, architects, infrastructure and utility providers, commercial and mining companies, local, state and Australian government agencies to ensure all bushfire management, planning and risk assessment projects achieve all necessary obligations under relevant legislation and standards.

In addition to assisting clients achieve all statutory bushfire compliance requirements, Strategen can advise clients on meeting property and asset protection objectives, such as critical infrastructure in mining and industrial facilities.

Strategen have an experienced team of qualified staff, recognised under the Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accreditation Scheme, with current BPAD Level 1, 2 and 3 accredited practitioners. This suite of experience and BPAD accreditation enables Strategen to undertake all levels of bushfire consultancy services.

BPAD Level 3 accreditation permits Strategen to use ‘performance principle-base’ solutions, rather than just the prescriptive ‘acceptable solutions’, to demonstrate compliance with relevant planning policy and Australian Standards, namely State Planning Policy 3.7 Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (SPP 3.7), the Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (the Guidelines) and Australian Standard AS 3959 – 2009 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.

This flexibility allows Strategen to create bespoke solutions for scenarios where compliance with the prescriptive acceptable solutions is onerous or cost-prohibitive. It also enables Strategen to investigate and potentially support development in areas with a BAL-40 or BAL-FZ rating, where development is not readily permitted under SPP3.7, should the conext and risk mitigation be deemed suitable by relevant stakeholders.

The Strategen bushfire team are leaders in the development and application of bushfire management, planning and assessment techniques, and remain at the forefront of bushfire management and planning by providing the following services:

Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessments including Simplified Method 1 calculations and Detailed Method 2 calculations


Bushfire Hazard Level assessments and preparing BAL contour maps.


Bushfire Management Plans (BMPs) to accompany strategic planning proposals (re-zonings, Structure Plans etc), subdivision applications and development applications for residential, commercial, industrial, tourism and event type land use intensification proposals.


BMPs for ‘vulnerable land uses’ and ‘high-risk land uses’ in addition to using ‘unavoidable development’ or ‘minor development’ justifications in areas where BAL-40 or BAL-FZ applies.


Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plans (BEEPs) for ‘vulnerable land uses’.


Bushfire Risk Assessments and Bushfire Risk Management Plans (BRMPs), for ‘high risk land uses’ including assessment of potential bushfire scenarios and subsequent risk treatment options to meet life, safety, property and environmental protection objectives of critical assets (e.g. mining and industrial critical infrastructure, townsite protection, remote accommodation villages, conservation bushland and reserves etc).


Development of designs that use ‘performance principle-based solutions’ to achieve compliance with SPP 3.7, the Guidelines and/or AS 3959, to provide tailored and cost-effective solutions.


Advice in regard to the implications of the DFES State Map of Bushfire Prone Areas and any associated requirements under SPP 3.7 and the Guidelines, including strategic advice associated with due diligence works prior to land purchases.


Advice regarding achieving compliance with the construction requirements of Australian Standard AS 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire prone areas.


Advice regarding Asset Protection Zones (APZs) including landscaping strategies and environmental considerations.


Compliance certification to clear subdivision and development application approval conditions and ensure compliant implementation of the BMP.


BAL compliance reports to confirm BAL ratings following completion of sub divisional or development works, and provision of BAL certificates to assist creation of lot titles and subsequent lot purchase and Building License processes.


Conduct Level 3 BPAD accredited reviews of BMPs, BEEPs and BRMPs.


Strategen hold a ‘Gold’ corporate membership with the Fire Protection Association Australia – the national peak body for fire safety.


Do you have a fire management planning issue that requires assistance? We can help! Contact our team today.

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