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Industry Approval and Scientific Services


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Industry Approval

Strategen has a reputable and respected team of assessment, approval, scientific and technical specialists that can assist securing necessary approvals and solve your complex process, emissions, management or monitoring challenges.

We work within a risk-based framework to ensure alignment between risks and regulation, removing environmental complexity.

Strategen offers clients end-to-end project services and support for:

  • due diligence assessments
  • initial project design and planning
  • tailored approvals strategies
  • undertaking specialist studies and investigations
  • operational assistance including process optimisation, emissions performance, monitoring and improvements.


Industry approvals and reporting

Strategen are industry leaders in facilitating environmental assessments, approvals and ongoing compliance for industrial facilities regulated under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act).  Strategen provides strategic advice to assist clients effectively manage projects.

Strategen has worked with a wide range of clients and industry sectors in respect to the development and operation of, significant projects and regulated activities under the EP Act.

Our team are at the forefront of the Department of Water and Environment Regulation (DWER) guidelines, standards and policies and possess an excellent understanding of the latest application and assessment processes to streamline and minimise risk in your approval application requirements. Our team are recognised leaders in the preparation of high-quality applications and proactive and positive agency engagement.

We are experts in the application of environmental law, able to outline the effect of all existing and proposed legislation and policies on project operations and future development.

We prepare environmental approval strategies to provide a cost-effective and timely approach to obtaining approvals in an environmentally acceptable and responsible manner.

Together with our knowledge of industry best practice and in-house specialist and technical services, our team has a depth of experience in the delivery of:

  • environmental review documentation
  • works approvals
  • operating licences
  • commissioning and operational plans
  • amendments and renewals
  • improvement plans
  • annual environmental reports (including monitoring reports)
  • National Pollutant Inventory reporting.

Scientific Services

Air quality monitoring and management support

Strategen works closely with a wide range of clients in various industrial sectors from mineral processing to power generation, to provide a comprehensive service in all aspects of air quality monitoring and impact assessment.

Strategen conducts and manages air quality studies and provides expert technical advice to deliver accurate and timely solutions.

Our team have been involved in designing and facilitating a broad range of point source and ambient monitoring programs in metropolitan, regional and environmentally sensitive settings.  Our range of services include:

  • analytical development and quality assurance
  • developing point source monitoring programs
  • predictive emissions monitoring systems
  • CEMS support and assistance
  • odour assessments
  • vapour intrusion monitoring
  • advice on air emissions controls
  • developing dust monitoring programs
  • source apportionment studies
  • background air quality studies
  • deposition analysis
  • data review and interpretation (including statistical analysis) from all monitoring programs
  • preparation of monitoring reports
  • technical review and strategic advice.


Emissions Assessments

Strategen has in-house capacity and significant experience in undertaking a range of air emissions assessments. Our team have successfully navigated agency approvals by delivering high quality, pragmatic air emissions assessments and management monitoring solutions.

Our specialist scientific team can deliver:

  • project design, operation and optimisation, including pilot and plant scale testing programs
  • process mass balance
  • process and emissions risk assessments
  • environmental monitoring and development or review of monitoring programs
  • point source and odour emissions assessments – including chemistry, measurement, assessment and controls
  • environmental analytical chemistry
  • light spill assessments
  • industrial process chemistry
  • industrial process optimisation
  • combustion and gasification chemistry
  • emissions tracer studies.



Strategen as expertise in air quality modelling, including AERMOD, ADMS, CalPuff, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capabilities.  Our specialist staff work closely with our preferred modeller to ensure timely, sensible outcomes, supported by defendable assessments that have received agency commendation.


Witness and Advocacy services

Strategen have extensive experience in providing specialist technical advocacy, expert witness and advice services.

Senior members of our team have appeared before State Administrative Tribunal for mediation and hearings associated with environmental issues (including dust, odour and air emissions) for a range of matters (industrial, petrochemicals, manufacturing and agricultural activities).


Ongoing management and compliance support

Strategen provides a range of post approval supporting services including auditing, performance and compliance reporting services.  Our team includes accredited and lead auditors who are capable of undertaking audits of conditions, commitments, construction and operational management plans.



Strategen has worked with a wide range of agricultural producers and businesses across the State.

We assist our agricultural clients obtain project approvals in a smooth and cost-effective manner, and thereafter achieve ongoing regulatory compliance.

To reach these outcomes, we provide a range of services across the project life-cycle:

  • site investigations and surveys for flora, fauna, contamination
  • due diligence and strategic advice
  • approvals documentation and agency negotiation
  • drainage and wastewater management
  • odour assessments and management
  • construction environmental support
  • compliance auditing, monitoring and reporting during operations.

Our respected experience enables us to focus on the entire approval and operational process – achieving cost savings and operational efficiencies for our clients.

Our experience includes:

  • livestock holding and abattoirs
  • irrigated agriculture
  • water supply
  • wastewater treatment.


Do you have an environmental issue that requires assistance? We can help! Contact our team today.

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