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Strategen has worked with mining and petroleum clients on some of the largest and most complex projects within Western Australia and built a strong reputation for providing tailored solutions and delivering high-quality service.

Strategen can assist in navigating complex environmental assessment and approval processes under State and Federal legislation to ensure projects maintain compliance throughout their entire project life-cycle.

Strategen is a market leader in developing strategies to assist clients and can advise on the likely conditions that may apply to approved projects and post-assessment applications to amend existing conditions.

As a one-stop-shop service provider, Strategen’s specialist skills can assist mining clients in the following ways:


Environmental Impact Assessments

Strategen are experts at understanding the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) as well as the Australian government Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act).

Having completed some of the largest and most complex projects within Western Australia, Strategen has worked with many mining sites and resource types to effectively obtain environmental approvals.

Our service includes environmental management for project life, including review of conditions and project characteristics.

For brownfields expansions, Strategen can advise on the approval requirements by building on the existing management measures and operation.


Part V works approvals and licences

Strategen has a depth of experience in the delivery of works approvals, operating licences, amendments and renewals, improvement plans and annual environmental reports. We are industry leaders in facilitating approvals and ongoing compliance for mining developments classified as prescribed premises under the EP Act.

Through tailored assessments, we develop workable solutions suited to your site and challenges.  Our team deliver impact assessments, identify downstream environmental risk and find efficient, workable solutions that mitigate risk to project delivery.

Strategen can assist clients with:

  • undertaking technical investigations (including air quality, odour and hydrology)
  • scoping and managing detailed studies
  • peer reviewing technical reports and environmental data
  • compliance management and environmental auditing.


Industrial processes – refineries

Strategen is an industry leader in environmental issues relating to mine site refining and industrial processes.  Strategen provides expert advocacy, technical advice and scientific services for the management of air emissions from industrial processes.

Strategen have the expertise to provide on-ground monitoring and assessment services and review complex industrial processes to identify ways to minimise the impacts from air emissions, whilst also meeting regulator and community expectation.


Flora and Fauna

The Ecology team at Strategen works to develop a clear understanding of your project needs and risks and offers tailor-made solutions.  With exceptional technical capabilities and project management skills in botany and zoology, we can assist mining clients with:

  • undertaking flora, fauna, vegetation and targeted surveys
  • monitoring and management planning
  • desktop and reconnaissance surveys
  • rehabilitation strategies, planning and management
  • preparing required permits and applications.


Fire Management Planning

Across the mining sector, there is a strong focus on the application of the appropriate bushfire planning and management strategies to protect human health, assets and the environment.

The Strategen Fire Management Planning team work with mining clients to ensure all bushfire management, planning and risk assessments achieve and meet all necessary obligations under relevant legislation standards.

Strategen have expert capabilities advising on bushfire hazard assessment and risk management for the protection of mining infrastructure as well as the importance of bushfire management to ecological process and rehabilitation planning.

Strategen has Level 1, 2 and 3 Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) accredited staff.


Contaminated Sites

Strategen provides a full range of contaminated sites services ensuring obligations and requirements under the Contaminated Sites Act 2003 are met.

Strategen can advise on the assessment and status of existing sites, advise on the management and monitoring of known sites and develop remediation strategies.

Strategen can assist operators to understand and manage all current and future implications. Our contaminated sites services include:

  • developing cost-effective, risk-based contamination management measures
  • undertaking a Preliminary Site Investigation to document the background and identify potential extent of contamination
  • preparing sampling and analysis plans to verify extent of contamination
  • advising of remediation strategies (particularly to understand legacy issues of an existing site where change of ownership has occurred).


Compliance and project implementation support

The Strategen Audit and Compliance team works to understand the needs of our mining clients and develop customised compliance management tools to ensure obligations are met and compliance can be demonstrated.

Our in-house and fully qualified Audit and Compliance team can provide compliance support and advice during the approvals, management, planning and development phases to ensure conditions are practicable and achievable.

Strategen’s experienced and qualified team are also able to urgently resolve breaches if an issue has occurred or an incident has been reported.


Mine closure plans

Maintaining an ongoing focus on planning for closure throughout the life of a mine is essential to identify potential closure requirements as early as possible.  It also allows ample time to build sufficient information over the life of the mine to establish cost-effective closure strategies.

Strategen work with mining clients to provide tailored advice that satisfies mine closure plan requirements and to create long-term strategies to achieve closure objectives and close sites in the most efficient way possible.

Strategen has extensive experience preparing both simple and complex closure plans across the State for a range of sites.

Strategen can provide both technical advice to solve closure related issues and strategic guidance to meet regulator closure requirements.


Do you have a mining issue that requires assistance? We can help! Contact our team today.

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